The immaterial salon is an online platform dedicated to textual and sound-based works. It is a virtual extension of the physical salon presenting works that can be experienced with any digital device, as well as in a physical space.

Air de Paris, Romainville  Eliza Douglas, Ido Radon
Bombon, Barcelona  Daniel Moreno Roldán
Dumont Gallery, Los Angeles  Lucy and Dave Ching, Nicolas Giraud, Ray Sander
SABOT, Cluj - Napoca  Stefano Calligaro
Emmanuel Hervé, Marseille  Stefano Calligaro, Lawrence Weiner
Komplot, Brussels  Fabienne Audéoud
la galerie imaginaire, Quito  David Horvitz, Matthieu Laurette
Loodd, Waregem  Rainier Lericolais
Nicoletti, London  Mary Hurrell
Misako & Rosen, Tokyo  C&K (COBRA & Ken Kagami)
more projects, Saint Ouen  Jessica